Automated Trading Systems

We offer automated trading systems on a up to date online trading platform designed for automated trading systems. This trading platform is primarily designed to trade "Off Exchange Retail Foreign Currency Market" (FOREX) but not limited to trading forex. Currently, over 100 brokerage companies and banks worldwide have chosen this platform to meet and accommodate high standard of business performance.

We offer development services to custom tailored automated trading systems and a suite of trading systems to our clients at no upfront cost.

Trading strategies

We use the following strategies to create a balanced portfolio.

  1. Non-correlation trading
  2. Fixed Pip trading
  3. Trend trading
  4. Fibonnaci Retracements trading
  5. Interest Rate trading
  6. Hedging.
  7. News Trading
    • Non Farm Payroll Trading
    • FOMC Minutes, Policy, Fed Testimony
    • GDP, PPI, CPI
    • Construction Spending
    • Consumer Confidence
    • Retail Sales
    • Trade Balance
    • Initial Claims
    • Net Foreign Purchases

Advantages of Auto Trading

  1. 24-hour 6 days Operation - Trades and manages your account around the clock so you don't have to.
  2. Advanced Trading Program - Uses highly advanced trading algorithms.  However, in volatile market conditions, substantial losses may occur.
  3. Very low minimum investment - Invest as low as $300 depending on the broker's minimum requirements.
  4. Great Diversification Tool - A great way for traders to diversify their trading capital and for investors to diversify from other investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. However, in volatile markets, substantial losses may occur.
  5. Latest Trading Automation Technology - The automated trading robot program is not subject to the emotions that frequently cause traders to lose money.

member benefits.

  • Free Custom Development of automated Trading systems (rules apply*).
  • Free demo Expert Advisor's (EA) for downloads.
  • Volatility analysis.
  • Arbitrage Analysis Indicator.
  • New Strength Indicator (multiple currencies strengths on a single chart).
  • Analysis of times of day for trade.
  • Trade all trading strategies for free or low-cost (20% profits).
  • No monthly or yearly subscription fees.
  • Open a live account to become a member today.



Sentiment indicator
expertTraderV3 uses fibonnaci retracements.